I was born in Mumbai, India in 2002 as my elder sister wanted to have a pet.

A curios cat

I was a very curious kid who wanted to know how everything works.



I developed a passion for experimenting with digital screens at the age of 16 and became so obsessed with problem-solving that I aimed to start my first business at that same age.


I graduated from high school as one of the toppers achieving the ALL ROUNDER STUDENT award. Loved sports and never studied for grades.


3D Design

I developed an interest in 3D design after watching Pixar movies and even created a 3D character from the Minions using Blender.

The journey begins

While learning Android app and web development to build an app for my business, I discovered my true passion for designing interfaces and screens.


The dream university

I was offered a spot at CODE University in Berlin after successfully clearing all stages of the application process. Unfortunately, I had to decline the opportunity due to some circumstances.

First client

"At 18, I learned UI/UX design and began taking on freelance projects. Through Instagram, I landed my first two clients and received my very first paycheck that same year."



After joining the world's largest youth-run organization, I gained valuable experience in sales and marketing. Within a year, I advanced to the position of senior marketing manager before concluding my journey there.

Dropping out!

At 19, I chose self- learning over traditional education, taking a gamble on myself and dropping out to fully pursue my passion for design.


Mastering skills

Taking a break from projects, I dedicated myself to taking Design and Webflow courses to refine my skills. After experimenting and honing my craft, I was ready to jump back into freelancing.

Choose one

Driven by curiosity to explore various fields, I ultimately made the decision to pursue UI/UX design and specialize in Webflow.



"Designing and developing top notch Webflow websites for clients and building a SaaS product for Webflow developers"

Low Code

Utilizing tools such as Wordpress and Webflow, I began creating responsive web design & Development solutions for clients.


I was born curious in Mumbai, India in 2002. At 16, I developed a passion for experimenting with digital screens and started my first business. Graduating high school as an all-rounder, I became interested in 3D design while learning Android app and web development.

I learned UI/UX design and freelanced at 18. Choosing self-learning at 19, I gained experience in sales and marketing and advanced to senior marketing manager. Specializing in UI/UX design and Webflow, I refined my skills with UX design and Figma courses.

Utilizing tools such as Wordpress and Webflow, I created responsive web design & development solutions for clients. However, I sought more fulfilling work and searched for an agency that shared my passion for problem-solving through design.

Why not to work with me

Pushing pixels

As a designer, I prioritize the overall user experience over visual details, as I believe design decisions that prioritize aesthetics over experience are counterproductive.

Dark UX

Dark UX manipulates users, leading to a poor experience and negative impact on brand reputation, going against ethical design principles. I prefer not to go against these principles by any chance.

Lifelong learner

Continuously learning and growing is a non-negotiable for me, so if you're seeking a designer who is satisfied with just a degree, I'm not the one. I embrace the opportunity to learn new skills whenever needed.

Skills and Tools

UI/UX design








Web design




After effects


Chat GPT


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